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Additional Local League Coordinators Announced For 2019

Dear Mountain Empire Tennis Community,
We have added two additional local league coordinators for the 2019 year, Ivanna Stewart and Lynne Juhan. The purpose for this is to offer additional help to Alice. She has done a great job of growing our leagues and stepping up to the role when no one else was willing to come forward, for this we are very grateful. Because of our continued growth the time has come where additional support is needed. It is not our intention for the role of the LLC to be all consuming. Should any person on the board decide to move on and resign from their position it is a good business practice to have someone trained and knowledgeable about what their role is and what they do on a big and small scale. Should an LLC go on vacation or be unavailable for a variety of reasons during the league season it is not our desire as a board to have to call on USTA TN for support or wait for the LLC to become available to help, but to rely on our own community and people for support, thus, the need for additional LLC's.
As we look forward and begin to plan for 2019, we are taking a look at our advancing leagues and what they currently offer our players and what areas need a bit of refinement. To do this we want to hear from YOU, the player.   Our goal is to offer you, the consumer, a product that will keep you coming back league after league, season after season. We want to offer you a fun, competitive playing experience that is organized and structured.
Please take time to complete this 5 minute survey, offer constructive, helpful suggestions and be honest. We do want to hear from you. This is completely anonymous. We will use the data collected from this survey to begin to plan for 2019. We will pass the information onto our league coordinators and they will go from there.
Below is the link to the survey. Please feel free to pass this e-mail as well as the link to the survey on to those who may not be on our mailing list, but are involved in tennis in our area.
Many thanks to you, our tennis community, for your patience and support as we move through this period of transition.
Sarah Moseley
META President